2nd Rational Physics Conference - Abstracts

 Bill Gaede
 Stephen J. Crothers
 Alexander Unzicker
 Hartwig Thim
  Klaus Witzel

Critical statements on Relativity Theories ...

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of the 2nd Rational Physics Conference
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bis heute unbeantworteten Beschwerde von Stephen J. Crothers an den Präsidenten des Max Planck Institutes, Professor Dr. Peter Gruss



was organised independently of any academic or research institute or of any scientific society.Due to the speakers and all  attendees it became a great succsess. Coming from Scotland, USA and different European Countries the attendees  proved how vivid the interest is on rational explanations, not giving any  field to mysticism and fancy. Contemprary physics has lost contact with physical reality  ......


 Conference Trailer and Side Program


 Bill Gaede
 What is Physics?
 What is Time?
Stephen J. Crothers
 Black Holes and Big Bangs  - A Fantastic Voyage
Alexander Unzicker
 The Higgs Fake - How Particle hysicists Fooled the Nobel Committee
 Hartwig Thim
 Why Special Relativity is Wrong
 Klaus Witzel 
available at: chaeremon@t-online.de 




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