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What is Physics? - What is Time?

Bill Gaede (Physicist, Argentina) 


What is Physics? (English) 


Abstract: Physics is a discipline that has been explored at least since the days of Classical Greece. This field of study developed allegedly to provide rational explanations to physical phenomena. Specifically, physicists have sought to understand the invisible world of light, magnetism, electricity and gravity without relying on supernatural entities or mechanisms. Yet, after more than 2000 years of research, brainstorming and experiments we have arrived at such surrealistic conclusions that even the ancient authors of holy books would have been unable to concoct them. We no longer have talking serpents, ghostly spirits or ‘walking on water’. We now have exciting time travel, unimaginable 4D hyper spheres, invisible 0D black holes, and tangential parallel universes. The root of the fantastic explanations in vogue today, we argue, is that our predecessors misconstrued the entire edifice of Geometry.


What is Time? (English) 

Abstract: Different cultures around the world have independently discovered time in antiquity and developed ingenious clocks to measure this mysterious unknown. We say "mysterious" because to this day no one has defined what time is. Yet Special and General Relativity cannot do without this strategic term. Special Relativity claims that time can be dilated and General Relativity asserts that gravity warps time. What is it that relativists are stretching and molding?

General Relativity also proclaims time to be one of the four dimensions in which relativists live. What are they talking about? And Big Bang Theory proposes that time was born with the Universe. What is it that came to life? We discover that time cannot do without the observer. We discover that time is not a dimension. More fundamentally, we discover that unless we define this enigmatic word we will never understand what anyone who uses it is talking about. 


2nd Rational Physcis Conference
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