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Black Holes and Big Bangs - a Fantastic Voyage

Stephen  J. Crothers  (Astronomer, Independent Researcher, Queensland/Australia)
Black Holes and Big Bangs – a Fantastic Voyage (English)


Abstract: Black holes are ubiquitous. They are now both invisible and visible. Quasars are black holes; so are the "blazars". There are black hole binary systems, including ultra-quantum luminous x-ray sources. Individual black holes are also x-ray sources. It is claimed that each galaxy harbours a supermassive black hole at its centre, along with other black holes dispersed throughout them. Wormholes are said to be two quantum-entangled black holes. All these black holes supposedly exist in an expanding big bang universe. However, black hole universes are inconsistent with big bang universes. All alleged black hole universes are spatially infinite, eternal, contain only one mass, are not expanding and are asymptotically flat or asymptotically curved. But the alleged big bang universes are either spatially finite (one case) or spatially infinite (two different cases), of finite age, contain radiation and many masses (including multiple black holes, some of which are "primordial"), are expanding and are not asymptotically anything. Thus the black hole and the big bang contradict one another – they are mutually exclusive by their very definitions. Nonetheless astrophysical scientists claim to have found black holes throughout an expanding cosmos and particle physicists claim that they will create black holes and reproduce the conditions of the big bang inside particle colliders. NASA scientists have reported that they have found 2.5 million black holes with the WISE Survey, and with the NuSTAR orbiting x-ray telescopes another ten supermassive x-ray source black holes in the centres of distant galaxies, these distant black holes now pronounced the source of a cosmic x-ray background; all in an unspecified big bang universe.  The mutual exclusivity of black hole and big bang theories invalidates both. Despite all reports, no black holes have been found.

2nd Rational Physcis Conference
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